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I'm a music journalist, content writer,
& poet, available for global hire.

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I am a freelance writer with over 10 years of experience in the industry working professionally as an editor, music journalist, content writer, copywriter, & arts correspondent.


I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing & Journalism from Middlesex University. An expensive piece of paper that also inspired the grit and gumshoe in me enough to land a job working as an editor at a busy London-based music festival magazine when I finished my degree.

I have a keen passion for words & enjoy crafting compelling copy that will grab the heart & mind of the reader. Adept in adaptation, I excel in finding the voice of a business or article & using that persona to deliver content that is engaging to its target audience.


I enjoy achieving SEO targets, KWR, & other optimization goals in such a way that it doesn't impact the readability of a piece. I have a drive for excellence & take great satisfaction in producing work of the highest standard that both I and the client can be proud of.



Blog Writing

A good blog is written with heart, mind, and soul. Working with my clients we will first identify the correct voice, tone, and direction for your posts to make them stand out, and engage their intended audience.

Whether it's frozen pizza reviews, the 100 best roadside tourist traps in America, or a landing page to sell the latest dentistry craze; I've done it all. I can always find a unique angle, spin, or fancy finessed flourish that makes the copy fun to write and a delight to read. 

Music Journalism & Promotion

As a musician myself, I have a unique insight into what the artist needs; whilst as a journalist, I know what the audience wants to read and connect to.


I have built my own blog Yack! Magazine to be an ideal platform for shining a spotlight on new artists, which positioned me perfectly to move into freelance PR working with the many contacts I made along the way.

Freelance Copy & Content Writing

Crafting creative copy with a razor-sharp edge takes a genuine and passionate love of words and I am an absurd word nerd. 

Whether you need a punchy call to action that gets people clicking links or you just need a blurb that details your business, service, or extensive stamp collection, don't write it yourself, hire a pro.

Bespoke Poetry

 It's a beautiful irony that there is no pretty way to be poetic about selling poetry. I'm a wandering wordsmith, a vagrant vagabond verb vendor, a meandering mewling mercenary minstrel. 

If you need poetry, prose, or just some profound pondering on a niche or strange subject get in touch.

I have won competitions with my written poetry, spoken word, and poetry film; which I believe means I'm professionally regarded as "actually not that bad". 

Pricing On Request

Featured Work

I've worked with

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Grand Theft Auto

"It’s so rare nowadays that anyone takes the time to actually consider their reviews , or treat them like something other than a disdainful task to be ticked off as quickly as possible – like punching tickets on a rainy Saturday in an odeon . Yack magazine wrote an eloquent and insightful review – they got it entirely. The only reason left now for making music is to do it for love of doing it – so it makes a huge difference to see someone writing in the same spirit. We appreciate it."

Darien Martus

"Yack Magazine wrote a thorough and thoughtful review that was built on intimate familiarity with my song, Rockaxeon, that is 10 minutes long. It’s the best write up my music has ever had."

The Margaret Hooligans

"Our experience with Yack Magazine was amazing!! We loved the raw and sincere review that wrote about us. It made us feel special. They were not shy at all to write a lot which shows to me that they truly care about our art and focus on the details, which is what you want in a review!! I recommend them highly because they go the extra mile and have authentic and wise content. No doubts that they're very experienced."


"Probably the most quotable, thoughtful review I've yet to receive on my music. They really took the time to listen and write a review that would make someone intrigued to check out the track."

Elly Kace

"YACK! wrote the most thoughtful and well listened review of my single. I could tell they really spent time with the music and the writing was eloquent and persuasive. Highly recommend submitting to them!"

Le Lab- The Lab Network

"Matt did a great job and was very attentive to details pertaining to our brand. Will definitely work with Matt again."

Let's Work Together

I am always looking to expand my network and take on exciting new projects. Get in touch and let's make something beautiful together.

Thanks for submitting!

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